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27 septembre 2021 Site de tchat aucun

Hello Everyone, and welkom to my channel
I will speak a language that the French love on omegle with french people
Keep watching to the end of the video if you want to laugh
Before the video starts,
I wanted to make an announcement

I'm going to start a video series on Omegle with differents subjects
For example speaking with strangers foreign languages as English or Arabic
Or also
pretend to be a hacker and saying people's localisation to see there reactions
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oh yeah you're good you're good ah  
okay just i want sing a song okay okay and if you 
say it's good i can go to the voice okay the voice
you think he's good
where do you live okay i live in france
i mean which city  
what it's the city like uh la villa your 
friends i live in uh paris oh paris yeah
do you know the other word in french 
yeah you know like the croissant  
the baguette the uh yeah the uh to rfl
yeah yeah what else and say my name is julian  
say what in french in french 
we say je m'appelle julian yes
yeah yeah thank you man i see later 
okay okay see you later goodbye man
oh you live in quebec
yes oh okay so do you speak french why we see
five hours later
we speak english
[ __ ] you
oh wow oh my god red squishy
yes oh you speak english  
no maybe if you want i can't teach you 
english and you teach me french you know
oh you have you have the flame yeah
flame like like uh the fire yeah 
it's not about that no no no
oh lizzy okay you have something out to do no
okay then uh i understand i mean yeah no 
problem you want to skip me i know i know  
it's okay no that's okay i have the flame hi 
france yeah i want to to marseille yeah i mean  
for me it's the best city in french oh no 
actually oh my god you can say no no i'm sorry  
there is like beaches i mean everyone is is 
happy you know oh it depends on which side of  
marseille you've been to oh my god you've never 
been to paris i can feel it because uh yeah i  
i've been i've been there i've been there come 
on sorry oh you prefer mercy yeah i mean paris  
is like london there is nothing to do you know 
no not my state yeah yeah he's the best come on
hey big boy what's up big boy
you speak french you speak french
hey hi what's up
you like marseille yeah i i'm from uh 
marseilles i love marseille yeah yeah  
there's a place yeah the best 
city how are you again oh no
so you speak english yeah yeah you speak english  
oh good then good come on you you you you 
like you like friends be proud of you because  
you can't be do what we want to yeah you speak 
english yeah yeah i know yeah i i like french
That all for this time, I had fun filming this video I hope you had it to
Tell me what you think in comments below and suggest other ideas
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